FIRST OFF...They Like To Party

Tana and Zech, the ultimate social butterflies, turned their zest for epic shindigs and heartwarming gatherings into a brand that's all about sparking connections with a dash of sass - and a sprinkle of edible cocktail glitter. They knew the best parties weren't just about glitz and glam, but also about those shimmering drinks that start conversations and keep them flowing. Channeling their inner party gods, they crafted a brand that's less stuffy handshakes, more fist bumps, glitter bombs, and unforgettable stories.


Edible glitter is a uniquely versatile product, perfect for people of all ages, from the tiny tots at 2 to the young-at-heart at 102. For the little ones, it adds a sprinkle of magic to their favorite juice or soda, turning an ordinary drink into a fairy-tale potion. Birthday parties and playdates become even more enchanting with shimmering, colorful drinks. For adults, it elevates the art of cocktail and mocktail making, adding a sophisticated, Instagram-worthy flair to gatherings, dinner parties, or a simple evening in. It's a conversation starter and a mood enhancer, bringing a touch of whimsy and joy to any occasion. Edible glitter for beverages transcends age barriers, bringing a universal appeal that adds a pinch of happiness and a dash of fun to everyone's life.

Tana Cofer, co-founder

Tana Cofer, the dynamic co-founder of Glitter Faced, brings over a decade of expertise in marketing and advertising to the table. Her creative vision and strategic prowess have been instrumental in shaping the brand's unique identity, driving its growth and popularity in the bustling world of lifestyle and beverage products.

Zech Hintz, co-founder

Zech Hintz, co-founder of Glitter Faced, leverages his 10+ years of experience in business intelligence and inventory management to optimize operations. His analytical skills and keen insight into market trends ensure the brand stays ahead in the competitive landscape, efficiently managing resources while scaling the business effectively.